Orginale white paper di Bitcoin tradotto in italiano

Satoshi Nakamoto 31 Ottobre 2008

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Tradotto in Italiano da @terzim bitcoin_it.pdf
Pubblicato in html da @stecud

Sommario. Una versione puramente peer-to-peer di denaro elettronico permetterebbe di spedire direttamente pagamenti online da un’entità ad un’altra…

This article consider the large-scale Javascript NodeJS/Meteor applications architecture and treat the case study of the framework KeplerJs.

This article is work in progress…
19 March 2018 (Plugins dependecies section)
24 March 2018 (Templates section)
4 February 2019 (Templates section)
31 January 2020 (Package.js)

I will to explain how…

Hi everybody devs!

In recent months I have resumed working on my very large Meteor project, the biggest of my experience in Meteor, after a part of rewriting for supporting pkg-based architecture and a plugins system now is published and it is online and released under MIT license.


It is…

Stefano Cudini

open source developer

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